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Blessing 103 – Coming out of my shell on camera April 12, 2012

I’m almost at the end of my second week on the online video course I’m doing and we had a week of doing crazy videos, smiling to the extreme, changing out tone, emphasising out words, being someone else and finally being us again. It was hard at first, I felt really self-conscious; but it got easier and I actually had fun messing around in front of the camera. Something that I never, ever would have imagined a few weeks ago!

I’m actually discovering that I can relax more when I’m doing a video and let more of my personality, the real me, out in this safe, quiet environment. The side that normally only my family and sometimes my friends see. The quirky, goofy, silly me that I never really felt I should show others in case they might judge me. Turns out that I don’t need to worry. The ladies in the group have all been so encouraging and supportive that it just feels natural and very safe to let them see me. It actually feels really good to not be hiding or pretending. I have a feeling that this is going to change me in more ways than I ever imagined, or maybe not change, perhaps release is a better word.


Blessing 96 – The Support of Others – Ventures into video. April 5, 2012

This week I started my video rockstar university course and I was really nervous when I signed up. Sitting in front of a camera sounded horrifying and completely terrifying. Turns out it’s not as bad as I imagined. In fact I kind of enjoy it! I’d never have guessed it.

It’s much easier sitting with just you and a camera than having to ring someone up out of the blue. When you realise that you have all the power, you can edit, delete, do whatever you want with the footage, the fear factor just disappears. I still get a few butterflies and worry I’ll go blank; but then I just go for it.

The great part of the group is being able to share the experience and the journey with others who are going through exactly the same thing. Everyone is so lovely and supportive, they boost your confidence no end. It also helps seeing other people’s videos because you can be more objective and use that knowledge to apply to your own. I realised that it’s fine to stumble on words, to pause to think what to say, not to stare the camera down the whole time and that relaxed and normal is so much more engaging than word-perfect and polished, in fact those people feel more real and approachable than any professional video I’ve ever seen.

This week we had to make a 1 – 2 minute video a day, which was hard going at first and then got easier, especially as I didn’t always use a script. I played around with lighting, being inside, outside, even doing one with no makeup on which was the scariest one of all, I felt so vulnerable; but it came out okay and everybody was really lovely about the results.

I can’t believe I’m only one week in and I already feel so much more confident about the whole process, I can’t wait to see what else I learn during the rest of the six weeks! It started as a tool to help make videos for Holidays From Home; but it’s really helping my confidence as a whole.


Blessing 79 – Do one thing each day that scares you. March 19, 2012

Today has been a magical day! A day when so many different projects, ideas and moments have come together and I literally feel like I’m flying! I’m working hard to stay grounded and not get too carried away. I’m buzzing with ideas and wondering how I’m going to get them all done.

They say you should do one thing every day that scares you and today I signed up to do an online course for making your own videos. It’s something I’ve been wanting to learn more about for Holidays From Home. I think it will really help to be able to do some videos explaining what it is that I do and how people can enjoy the holidays. The thought completely terrifies me though. Not the recording part, I think I can do that; but knowing what to say, finding my voice so to speak.

My finger hovered over the mouse button; but I saw the organiser’s picture today in a group I’m part of and just knew I’d work with her, having no idea who she was, or what she did. My task this week has been to get the courage up to make a video and I’ve been putting it off. Then I got the email which came at the moment I was looking into other people’s videos online. A coach has been telling me I have to connect with my audience more and that she thought video would really work for me, so it all felt like the Universe giving me a major push. I decided I would listen. This is it, if you want to check it out http://videorockstaruniversity.com/

Watch this space for some videos featuring moi in the coming months!