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Blessing 100 – 100 days of gratitude. April 9, 2012

Wow! When I started this blessing blog on 1st January I didn’t really think about getting to a hundred, despite deciding to do it every day for a year. The milestones don’t really occur to you, until you reach them. It’s been a challenge at times, not finding things to be grateful for; but finding different things to write about. The things I’m most grateful for: my Mum, my family, my home, my friends, my passions, they’re on going, I’m always grateful, at least I try to be; but keeping it fresh has been a  challenge; but it has also made me search hard each day to find something new.

Today Mum and I went into Norwich to do some shopping and visit the European market, which I think had a few British stalls, we ended up buying bread and cakes from a baker from London, I felt a little cheated! I did get a real French crepe with caramel which was gorgeous; but extremely messy to eat without cutlery, sheltering from the rain in the Royal Arcade. It was a little embarrassing sitting in my wheelchair, scoffing a pancake, in as discrete a manner as possible, while shoppers walked past; but I enjoyed it, so who cares?!

I was delighted because I managed to get a cake stand to complete my set from Lakeland. They’d sold out online and only had two in store, so I was really pleased. I’d got the large stand for Christmas and the cake store for my birthday, it’s cream china with little heart cutouts – really pretty and totally me! You can see it here http://www.lakeland.co.uk/43182/Amore-Ceramic-Two-Tier-Cake-Stand

Mum and I even stopped off at the new cafe in M&S which was great – I loved the concept of them serving the food you can buy down in the shop. I don’t know why I’d never really thought of it before; but it’s a great way to promote the products you already sell, showing people what they can do with them.

It was the perfect end to a really great Easter weekend and one I’m sad to see over.


Blessing 74 – The way things work out March 14, 2012

Today Mum and I were driving back through the city and I saw the sign that says “Norwich, A Fine City” which is true, it really is. It’s a lovely place to live, with beautiful countryside, close to the sea, near to London; but not too close and with a great mix of history, art, science, architecture, shops, businesses. It’s home to lots of lovely people too. Norwich really has it all and is definitely worth a visit. I

After I saw the sign, I had this sudden thought that my life would be completely different if my parents hadn’t moved here over thirty years ago. They could have gone anywhere, not just in the UK; but the world and my life would have been completely different. I would be a completely different person.

The people I’ve met, the things I’ve done, the opportunities that I have had, all came because of living where I do. Who knows what life would have been like if I had lived somewhere else, it would probably have been completely different; but that’s not to say it would be better or worse.

As if to reinforce this idea we just watched Grey’s Anatomy and it was the episode If/Then which explores this idea of what your life might be like if you made different decisions. We are both huge Grey’s fans and seeing the well-known and much-loved characters acting in completely different ways was brilliant. The best part was you could see how they would have got to that point if things had been just slightly different.

At times I think it would be cool to peep into a parallel universe – Fringe style – and see how things might be. There are even times when I get this strong sense that I’m meant to be somewhere else, not that I’ve forgotten to be somewhere; but like there’s this other life I’m meant to be living and for a short time I can feel it pressing up close to me. It’s an odd sensation.

Fortunately at the moment I feel happily grounded and pleased to be living the life I have.



Blessing 54 – Spring is on it’s way! February 23, 2012

Today has been glorious, so incredibly sunny and hot! It actually felt more like May than February, it was gorgeous. The weather keeps tricking me though, there’s a fabulous day like today and then it will go back to being grey and cold again. It makes knowing what to wear a real challenge.

It seems to have been so long since the sun has been out, in fact it’s as if  you forget what it’s like. That sounds insane, there are so many days when the weather is great; but it doesn’t take too many back to back days of winter to completely forget how good it feels in the sun. On days like today you want to be outside, the world is tempting to venture into. I’m really looking forward to being able to sit out in the garden again. Fingers crossed this summer will be a good one!

I enjoyed the sun and the drive in to Norwich to get my next Shaake. There’s this incredible hill in Norwich called Grapes Hill, which is really steep for Norwich, because Norfolk is notoriously flat. Every year at this time the grass verges are covered in first crocuses and then daffodils. I love going up it and being able to watch the flowers come out. At the beginning of the week just the yellow ones were out; but today the deep purple ones were making an appearance. It’s incredible just how much they lift your spirits seeing these wonders of nature springing up in the middle of a city.

My Shaake was Nuts About Bananas; but with strawberry instead of banana – can you guess I don’t like bananas. It was really good, as they all seem to be. I’ve been trying to have a few quiet days with lots of resting in the hope that I get a bit more energy. The good weather is bound to help.


Blessing 50 – A Shaake a day February 19, 2012

Wow, can’t believe a) I’m up to fifty blessings and b) we’re fifty days into the year. I feel like my blog post should be something deep and meaningful today; but I’d already decided I was going to blog about getting my first Shaake today as part of my competition prize. Mum and I popped into the city to get it.

I actually felt a bit embarrassed going in, I’m not used to getting something for nothing and always feel I have to earn everything I get, through hard work, sweat, tears and stress; but I think my amazing mentors would tell me that is a very stupid concept and one that I need to get rid of. If I expect everything to be hard before I see rewards then it will be. I think it’s time to appreciate that not everything has to be a struggle and things can come easily, it doesn’t mean I don’t deserve them or haven’t earned them, that’s just the way they come into my life, so I should be grateful. Oh my, there I was saying I wasn’t going to go deep!

I went into Shaake and was presented with a  little card with my name on it and a calendar of the next thirty days – each time I have a Shaake they’ll cross one off. I was really pleased and felt like a kid seeing my name on the card. Today I had a “Totally Posh” which had Lindt chocolates and Ferrero Roche in it – it was AMAZING! So good and a real treat.

Shaake Day 1 Totally Posh - slightly windswept!

Then Mum and I drove to this great look out which has an amazing view over the city, so we could relax and enjoy it. The weather was perfect, blue sky, puffy clouds, bright sunshine. Spring was definitely in the air. We shared the Shaake and just sat enjoying the view. It was brilliant, a great day.

View over Norwich