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Blessing 99 – Wisdom in a horoscope – who’d have thought it? April 8, 2012

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“Each decision will get you where you need to be; but each choice will render a unique experience on the way.”

That was the sentence I read in my Mum’s horoscope yesterday – she’s a Gemini and not a typical one; but we always read the star signs in newspapers and magazines, in fact it’s one of the first things I turn to! I know all the “mass-produced, general, relevant to everyone” comments; but I often find they say what I need to hear at the time, or I read what I want into them. Either way I end up feeling uplifted. I’ve never read one that I liked as much as this though. I love the sentiment and it ties in with my belief that everything happens for a reason and that there are so many things that are just meant to be. When you’re going through hard times and bad things, you can’t see it, feel it or believe it; but when you’re on the other side and life is so much better, you understand that it was necessary, that you got to where you were always meant to go and are doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing. Every horrible thing in my life has led to so many better and more amazing things. I wouldn’t want to live through them again; but I wouldn’t trade the good things to take away the bad.