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Blessing 103 – Coming out of my shell on camera April 12, 2012

I’m almost at the end of my second week on the online video course I’m doing and we had a week of doing crazy videos, smiling to the extreme, changing out tone, emphasising out words, being someone else and finally being us again. It was hard at first, I felt really self-conscious; but it got easier and I actually had fun messing around in front of the camera. Something that I never, ever would have imagined a few weeks ago!

I’m actually discovering that I can relax more when I’m doing a video and let more of my personality, the real me, out in this safe, quiet environment. The side that normally only my family and sometimes my friends see. The quirky, goofy, silly me that I never really felt I should show others in case they might judge me. Turns out that I don’t need to worry. The ladies in the group have all been so encouraging and supportive that it just feels natural and very safe to let them see me. It actually feels really good to not be hiding or pretending. I have a feeling that this is going to change me in more ways than I ever imagined, or maybe not change, perhaps release is a better word.


Copywriting – an art of its own. January 14, 2011

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I’ve just started a long distance copywriting course – I wanted to get help with writing good copy for my website and to gain the skills and confidence to write engaging adverts and newsletters as part of Holidays From Home.

I braved it today and opened the first module – it seems interesting although the basics are areas I’ve already covered on start up business courses; but I’m hoping to now get to the good stuff in module two. I am a little concerned it’s going to focus more on becoming a copywriter than the actual skills involved; but I’m hoping it won’t.

It feels strange going back to distance learning – something I focused on a few years ago to learn how to design my first website. It was at a stage where I wanted to do more; but couldn’t commit to a strict course like the Open University. It’s amazing how much you can study through distance learning – I’ve done web design, fundraising and even a course on angels.

I love to learn, to gain new skills and give my brain something to think about; but right now I’m feeling a little daunted at the thought of my first assignment. That back to school feeling of being a novice and not really knowing what I’m doing – I’ll persevere though and by the end of the course hopefully I’ll feel like I can tackle any web page or advert. Fingers crossed!