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Blessing 97 – Calendar Girls, nude not naked. April 7, 2012

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Tonight was our third trip to the theatre in as many weeks – we didn’t plan it that way, new shows just keep coming on! We went to see Calendar Girls and it was fantastic. It had some really big names in it, including Linda Bellingham, Ruth Madoc and Lisa Riley. We’d seen the film and enjoyed it; but I hadn’t made the connection that because they strip off in the films, that they would do the same in the theatre production!

I cannot believe the bravery of the ladies in the cast, who all recreated the photographs in the film. It was really tastefully done, which sounds like a cliché; but you never saw anything more than they wanted to reveal, with the use of carefully placed props. It was so funny, the audience were in hysterics; but then could be moved to tears in a second. It was uplifting and heartbreaking in equal measures; but it was a fantastic performance and a great night out.


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