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Blessing 58 – This Means War – In a good way! February 27, 2012

Tonight Mum and I went to see This Means War at the cinema, we’d got free tickets to an early screening – thank you Sky! I’d seen a few adverts for it which looked funny; but you never know if it’s going to be good, or if they used all the best bits to make up the advert. Fortunately it was brilliant! I’d definitely give it five stars and recommend you see it. It’s about two spies, one American, one British who both fall for the same girl and then go all out to try to win her. It sounds classic chick flick; but it was smart and sassy, great mix of action, comedy and romance; but not in a sappy way. It was laugh out loud funny, the cinema was fairly full and everybody was obviously enjoying it, men and women. I came out aching from laughing so much.

I have to admit to being slightly disappointed in the ending. I won’t give away any spoilers and it was a good end, don’t get me wrong; but it didn’t completely ring true, at least not for Mum and I. I’d be interested to hear what other viewers thought. It was a real great evening out. We haven’t been to the cinema and in ages, so it was the perfect feel good film.


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