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Blessing 55 – Feathered visitors to the garden February 24, 2012

Today I’ve spent a lot of time just watching the wildlife in the garden. It’s as if word has got out and all the birds have returned now that the weather is getting better. We normally have blackbirds, pigeons and two collar doves; but I’ve seen the first few blue tits in the trees. More exciting, was that I saw two birds flitting round one of our lavender bushes and I realised they were goldfinches. They were beautifully bright with their splashes of yellow, black, red and white. I sat really still and just watched them feeding from the dried flower heads. It was a wonderful affirmation that we’d chosen the right plants to put in the garden and that it was worth all the time and effort that went into planning it all.

My very blurry photo from my phone - you can just see the goldfinch in the bottom right corner.

I’m not happy with the two male blackbirds in the garden, who are constantly fighting at the moment. It’s horrible to watch as theyare really vicious and go for each other as if they’re intent on killing their opponent. The poor female blackbird looks harassed and a bit fed up with them. I watched her hopping round the patio with a beak full of dried grass, obviously desperate to get on with building her nest, if only the two men would let her get on with it. I don’t like nature programmes because of all the fighting, killing and death, I object to the show coming to my back garden!

I still find it amazing that I can sit in one spot and see all that happening just outside the window, all that life going on so close to me. You don’t have to go out to be a part of the world. If you stay still for long enough it will come to you.


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