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Blessing 41 – Smile for the camera February 10, 2012

This is a follow on from my press release post – I did a bit of re-writing; but the press release worked and yesterday I did an interview with a  reporter from the local newspapers. She organised for a photographer to visit today to take some shots.

Fortunately I’d been thinking about how to do a visual representation of the virtual Valentine’s Day Party and since we’re having a tea party we got out a tea-pot, some heart mugs and I’ve got a beautiful rose wreath which I put a big candle inside. I also decided to wear a red jumper with my new heart necklace to carry the theme on. I’d even done a practise shot earlier in the week in case I needed a picture. Here it is…

Virtual Valentine's Day - Claire Wade Holidays From Home

I think the reporter was rather relived when he arrived, because he said it was hard dealing with stories about online or digital news because there’s only so many ways you can photograph a person and a computer. Maybe I have a future in set design – I certainly enjoyed planning the shot and thinking what I would need.

The man was really nice and I couldn’t believe he was only here for about seven minutes! He really put me at my ease; but it’s amazing how you suddenly forget how to do simple things like smile or even look straight at a camera. It’s like I had to tell all my muscles in my face what to do. It felt very odd!

Fingers crossed it’s a good photograph, it’s hard not being in control of what they use; but I trust that they’ll find a good one and if it helps to publicise Holidays From Home and the Virtual Valentine’s Day Party it will all be worth it!


One Response to “Blessing 41 – Smile for the camera”

  1. aawwa Says:

    Beautiful photo Claire!


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