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Blessing 40 – Connecting with people at the perfect moment February 9, 2012

Today I’ve been writing the virtual archery experience for the virtual Valentine’s Day party – not as crazy as it sounds, I was inspired by Cupid and his bow and arrow. I did archery a long time ago with my family in our back garden – we had a long strip of grass with a field behind it. I really enjoyed it and found it a fun challenge; but I stopped when I got really ill.

Writing the experience has been a fun way to revisit the memories and it’s amazing how much I do remember, it comes back as if it was yesterday; but I wanted to check that I got the details right. I wasn’t sure who to ask and then I got talking to a friend and it turns out they’re really experienced, so he read the piece through for me and added some little touches to make the virtual archery feel even more realistic. I was so grateful and it felt like we connected at the perfect time – powers of the internet and fate at work.

Now all I’ve got to do is record the audio version of the guide and put together some photographs. It’s such a buzz doing the writing and research; but it’s lovely to see the finished version.


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