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Blessing 37 – Outside Insights Bring Clarity February 6, 2012

Today I had a call with Darla LeDoux from Align and Profit, as some of you may remember I won a ticket to a conference in Florida; but couldn’t go due to being house bound. I contacted Darla and she exchanged my ticket for a free call with her, which was really kind of her and I was delighted. I’ve been looking forward to the call; but not sure what to expect.

I was talking to Darla about my virtual holidays and saying how hard I found them to describe, because I felt they were really different and I couldn’t compare them to anything. She turned it around completely and gave me a much better way of looking at it. She made me realise that my sense of feeling different was impacting on the way I approached Holidays From Home and made me realise that I’m more like other people than I realised, in a good way. Yes I’ve been really ill, yes I was bed bound, yes I’m in the minority; but there are others out there who have and are going through the same thing. It made me realise that the people I want to be of service to have a lot in common with me and that I need to speak to the similarities, not even think or worry about the differences.

It was a completely different way of looking at everything and I think it helped that Darla didn’t really know me. She had an insight that no one else I’ve talked to before could offer and I’m really grateful for it. I already feel differently and I’m looking forward to putting the new approach into practise. (Just realised how many times I’ve used the word different or differently maybe that’s one to start removing from my vocabulary!)

I think sometimes we need somebody who can be objective to shed new light on situations, they make you see things you don’t even realise are there and help you re-examine everything. It can take courage to do, to let somebody in; but if it’s the right person, and you’ll know if it is, then they can help you to make your life so much better.


2 Responses to “Blessing 37 – Outside Insights Bring Clarity”

  1. Victoria Says:

    I’m so pleased you were able to do this and it was so positive 🙂

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