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Blessing 33 – The magic of new growth February 2, 2012

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Amazing Orchid

Sitting next to me is an orchid that I’ve been watching grow. I’ve seen it send out a new shoot, form four little buds and then sadly seen two wither and die, while the other two grew and grew. They are now gradually unfurling, every time I look at them they seem to have opened a little more, revealing more of the shock of colour and fine veins inside. All I’ve done to help the process is water it, that’s it, this tiny little plant has done the rest. How?

I know that I can research how plants grow, the processes involved, the complex biological and chemical changes it goes through to grow; but I guess I’m thinking bigger, more philosophically. How does it exist, how have those processes developed from single cell organisms to something so incredible and beautiful?

It has this deep intense magenta colour, that wasn’t created by man, we didn’t invent the colour. Nature and science worked to make something so gorgeous that we copy it in our clothes and homes. We take inspiration from the world around us, it fills our lives without us really realising or appreciating it.

It’s breath-taking and awe-inspiring and really makes me wonder about the world we live in, is it all a coincidence, random events that come together, or is there something bigger behind it all. I don’t know; but seeing the beauty in nature makes me grateful, whatever the reason behind it.


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