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Blessing 32 – Opportunities out of the blue February 1, 2012

Today I have been struggling to write a press release about my up coming virtual Valentine’s Day party. I’ve been given lots of tips over the years; but somehow it didn’t make it any easier to write. I’m not sure I’ve got it yet even, so it’s back to the drawing board tomorrow.

It seems too big a coincidence that this afternoon I received an email from an organisation I’ve been working with, asking if it would be okay to pass on my details to the very person I’d been intending to send the press release to! Apparently she wants to do an article on the people who have gone on the course the organisation runs and they put my name forward. Small world? Fate? The universe sending me a sign? Who knows; but I’m grateful for it.

This is my press release as is, if there is anyone who knows about these things and would like to give me some advice, it would be very gratefully received!


Virtual Valentine brings the party to you!

Valentine’s Day can be really difficult if you’re single­­. It’s even harder if you’re house bound because of illness or disability. Instead of feeling the love, you end up feeling very alone.

What do you do if you’re ill or disabled and are unable to go out to have fun? If you’re bored of being stuck at home, sick of the same four walls?

The solution – you bring the party to you and Holidays From Home is doing just that with their new range of virtual parties, designed to break the isolation and monotony, by creating a fun, relaxing experience at home.

Claire Wade from Norwich, founder of Holidays From Home said “I came up with the idea because I was bed bound for six years with severe ME. I know how hard it is when the world is celebrating and you feel so left out.”

On 14th February, Holidays From Home will be throwing a Virtual Valentine’s Day Party, celebrating friendship and love around the world; but party goers never leave the comfort of their own home.

Instead they get exclusive access to the online virtual party area, where they can download and print all the digital party content. This includes fun things to do at home like easy Valentine’s recipes, craft ideas, fun trivia about Valentine’s Day and suggestions of films to watch and music to listen to.  The party will give them a Valentine’s Day to remember.

The party goers also receive two virtual experiences, a virtual tea party in a rose garden and some virtual archery, Cupid style. They come as an e-book or audio download and are similar to guided meditations; but are much more exciting. It takes the reader or listener on a journey through the imagination, helping them to relax and have fun.

More information on the party go here …

The last virtual party was for New Year’s Eve and attendees all said how much they enjoyed the night. Many used Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch during the evening, sharing the party with other people made it that much more real.

“I must admit I wasn’t sure about signing up for the party, as I don’t like New Year much and the thought of doing something seemed a bit of an effort. I’m so glad I did though, as it was great. My family joined in with me and we all enjoyed it.” commented one young woman.

“No one should feel alone at any time of the year; but it’s often worse during public holidays,” Claire said. “I want to use my experiences to help others have a good time, despite the daily challenges they face.

The virtual parties and holidays focus on escaping reality for a little while, returning feeling more relaxed and with lots of happy memories.”


Holidays From Home’s aim is to break down the isolation and loneliness of living with an illness or disability. To help people find ways to enjoy life and so they don’t feel like the rest of the world is leaving them out.

For further information: Contact us


2 Responses to “Blessing 32 – Opportunities out of the blue”

  1. aawwa Says:

    Sounds great Claire!


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