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Blessing 28 – What makes a great meal out? January 28, 2012

This week Mum and I went to The Sole & Heel, a local pub for a meal. We’ve been before and it was really good, so we were keen to go back. As with the last time the food was amazing, home cooked, not just nuked in a microwave or deep-fried within an inch of its life. Although saying that I did have the cod and chips which were yummy.

I enjoy eating out, it’s one of the low energy activities I can do and it’s all sitting down, perfect! I have fairly high standards though, I expect good service, friendly staff and well cooked food. I think a restaurant is a business like any other and should deliver the same quality customer care if you want me to a) part with my money, b) come back and c) give you referrals.

The exact formula for a great restaurant is difficult though, some get the food spot on; but the staff leave a lot to be desired. In others the staff shine and make the experience; but the food is sadly lacking. Then there are those that have both of these things; but yet they lack atmosphere and customers. These restaurants get me the most frustrated, when they have everything working and yet people aren’t going.  I want to demand that they tell me what marketing they are doing, how they are publicising what they’re doing, because I want to help them succeed. I want people to go because I think there’s nothing sadder than a great business going under just because not enough people know about them. I’ve seen very bad restaurants with full car parks and I have the urge to march in and demand that everyone get up and follow me to the quiet place down the road. Okay so I may be a little crazy!

Does it really all come down to marketing? Advertising? Luck? I don’t know; but I’m going to do my bit to promote as many great restaurants as possible, because they deserve it.

The Sole & Heel are one of the places with a great combination. They have something really good and they deserve to do well. If you’re in the area, you have to stop in and leave room for dessert, they’re out of this world!


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