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Blessing 27 – Facing Your Fears January 27, 2012

Okay so I’m not talking about jumping off a bridge attached to a rubber band, swimming with sharks or diffusing a bomb; but there are little things in life that can get you really scared. There often trivial; but specific to you. Jobs that you put off and put off, until either they become irrelevant or you have to grit your teeth and get down to them.

For me, I’ve been really worried about updating my website. There was a reason I got in professionals to design and build it, because I wanted a site I knew I couldn’t do on my own – I did a basic web design course years ago which has helped me; but I don’t have the graphic ability or any clue about CSS.

I’d intended to let the site take care of itself, hopefully making enough to pay for some updates; but as with everything, life never turns out as you imagined. I decided to replace one of the holidays with a virtual party that I’m planning for Valentine’s Day. This mean that I was going to have to get into the heart of the html and make some major changes. The thought of ruining my beautiful and very precious site made me feel physically ill, even now I can feel waves of nausea rolling over me. It would have made sense to get a content management system; but at the time I wasn’t sure of the direction of Holidays From Home so a basic six page shopping site made sense. How I longed for the ease of content management this morning!

February is getting closer and closer, I knew I had to find some courage and do it; but despite saving copies of the original pages it was still a very tense job. I actually quite enjoyed doing it. There were a few teething problems, a few mistakes; but I managed to work them out and now I’m delighted that I’ve made all the changes I wanted to, plus a few extra that I’ve had in the back of my mind.

I know feel like a super star! My sense of achievement is rather inflated, considering how relatively simple the job was and the fact that the majority of the tech community could have done it with ease; but I feel like I fought a tiger and won!


2 Responses to “Blessing 27 – Facing Your Fears”

  1. Pat Bean Says:

    I found it easier to jump out of an airplane than to fiddle with my web site.

    • Claire Says:

      I’d love to do a sky dive! I think I’d be terrified once I booked it; but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. My friend says it’s addictive, she did one and is now desperate to go back again.

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