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Blessing 22 – Miracle of a child’s first words January 22, 2012

Yesterday I saw my friend with her two children, who are gorgeous and such characters. I’ve watched Willow, the little girl, grow up and she’s now two and learning to speak. It is the cutest thing to be greeted by a little person who keeps saying “Hello!” over and over again, with the biggest, cheekiest grin ever! She then spotted that I had brought a cake with me and followed me around saying “Cake! Cake!” I felt a bit like the pied piper. My friend Lizzie was delighted that Willow asked her “you alright?” in a proper Norfolk accent, think Somerset, broad, farmer style.

A lot of the things she says is unintelligible; but from the look of clear intent on her face, it makes utter sense to her and I felt a bit sad that I didn’t understand her. She looks so proud when she says something and so she should do! I can’t wait until she can say more, she’s learning new words every day, pizza was new yesterday – guess what we had for dinner. The cake I took was Rocky Road and when I told people, she said “ocky oad” which was adorable.

How do children do it thought? How do they know to mimic? To copy the sounds? That their brains and coal chords work together, when nobody has ever taught them how to make specific sounds. It’s just incredible.

The really funny thing is that the adult conversation descends into single words, often repeating what Willow said. At times I think she sounded more advanced than we did! I’m not sure why we do that; but it does make all the women in the room coo and grin, while the men look completely bemused!

I’m looking forward to seeing Willow soon to see how many more words she can say. Fingers crossed she might even be able to say my name!


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