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Blessing 15 – Good Friends, Good Food – gluten free cakes can be yummy! January 15, 2012

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Today was my friend Verity’s birthday and I went to hers for an afternoon tea party which was a lot of fun.I’ve been friends with Verity for about twelve years and we’ve been through some major life changes together. It’s great having friends with ME because you don’t have to explain how you feel or why you have to leave early, they just get it.

She had a beautiful china tea set which I fell in love with – I’m a sucker for china, I’d have cupboards full of it if I could. There’s just so many beautiful pieces in almost every homeware shop you go into.

Verity has to have gluten-free food and she had bought cupcakes and brownies from Cake Angels, who are an online bakery that deliver to the UK. We had Salted caramel Brownies, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cupcakes. They were completely delicious and you would not know they were gluten-free. The Brownies were my absolute fave and I had a piece to take home! http://www.cakeangels.co.uk/brownies-and-traybakes.html I must admit I had reservations about gluten-free cakes; but these were incredible. The chocolate cupcakes had a stronger taste; but the peanut butter ones were dreamy! They were just as good, if not better than some of the cupcakes I’ve had. I’m glad I can have gluten; but if I couldn’t these would definitely be a treat.

We had a lovely couple of hours, eating, chatting and cooing over my friend Julia’s kids. It was very ME friendly a treat to get out and have fun with good friends.


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