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Blessing 8 – A beautiful home. January 8, 2012

Today we’ve been sorting boxes, lots and lots of boxes! All things we had in storage from the move; but we needed to make room to put away our Christmas things, before we get to February. Seeing all the brown boxes brought back memories of the incredible stress and hassle that went in to moving. I can’t believe how much “stuff” we had and how much we had to sort and get rid of to be able to downsize.

When we were a the start of the moving process I wasn’t sure if or how we’d be able to do it; but sitting here, in our comfortable and beautiful living room I am so relieved and very grateful. If I never see another moving van, flat pack box or reel of brown tape, it will be too soon! I hope that one day I will be able to have my own place. I know that the moving process will be worth it; but for now I am very happy living here with my things unpacked, knowing where everything, okay most things, are.

They say you know if a place is right for you within seventeen seconds of being in it and that was certainly true for us. I loved the house we grew up in; but where we are now ticked all the things on our wish list for a dream house. I’m pleased we held out for perfection, because it really was out there.


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