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Blessing 5 – Books, books, books! January 5, 2012

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As established on my second blessing blog I love books with a passion. I’m talking about real, proper books that you hold in your hand and feel the weight, not a million books on a flat piece of technology, even if it does look like real ink. Books have a smell and a feel, the smooth cover, the texture of the paper – soft and glossy or rough and scratchy, depending on the cost.

I went to my book club tonight, it’s something I always look forward to as we have a good chat and a catch up, as well as discussing our latest book. We read A Week in December by Sebastian Faulks last month. I have to admit I didn’t get far with it because it was Christmas and I wanted to read something a bit lighter and more fun. I normally make sure I read the book each month; but I did cave in December. This month however, they chose my suggestion Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. We had decided on a Snow/Winter/Icelandic themed book nomination this month because a) it’s January and b) we hoped it would ward off the bad weather we normally experience, which cancels our meeting, kind of like having an umbrella stops it raining. It worked because all we’ve had is really strong winds.

I’ve ordered my copy from the library and now can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m a big fan of libraries – all those free books! Going into one has all the thrill of being in a bookshop multiplied by a hundred because you can walk out without having to pay! I have to resist though because the temptation is to take out lots of books and then not get round to reading them.

There’s a real pleasure in starting a new book, opening it up and waiting for the story to unfold. I love a huge range of genres, from fiction to fantasy, romance to historical, comedy to classics. Since joining the book club I’ve become a bit more choosy in the styles I read. I have to enjoy the tone of voice the author uses. Sometimes I just find the language clunky and awkward and it can destroy a book for me. In years gone by I’ve struggled through books like that; but now I’ve realised there are so many books I want to read, I’m not prepared to sacrifice my time on books I’m not enjoying.

In fact I think I can hear my latest book calling me now….


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