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Blessing 3 – Answers to Unknowing Prayers January 3, 2012

Recently I’ve noticed that at the times when I’m lowest and at my most in need, it’s as if someone hears me talking and sends an answer to my unknowing prayer. I’m not a religious person, I don’t have stong beliefs either way; but there does seem to be something greater at work, when solutions present themselves to you. Not because I go searching; but in an obvious, falls into my lap, practically holding a sign, singing and shouting way.

Case in point, I’ve been “struggling” with Holidays From Home, wanting to achieve so much; but never quite getting there and I talked to Mum and my friend Grace and I literally used the words “I’m doing all the right things; but it’s just not working. I’m doing what everybody tells you to do; but it just doesn’t feel right.” The same day I got an email newsletter from a web designer. I only signed up for it out of interest; but don’t normally get round to reading it. For some reason on that  day the title hooked me “I don’t normally do this…” I opened the email on my phone, instead of just skipping over it. It was promoting a free week-long tele-conference called Profit SOS.  http://www.profitsosevent.com/ I followed the link to a page which had this on it:

Are you like many of the entrepreneurs I meet who…

  • Are scrambling to do all of the “right” marketing steps “they” say you should do… and are exhausted.
  • Are going through the motions, without the deep belief that what they are doing will work.

Okay so the obvious statement is that many entrepreneurs feel like this; but the fact that it came along at exactly the moment I needed it, when I was feeling low and questioning whether I’m wasting my time and should give up, that’s just too spooky. It was free too, another sign of abundance from yesterday! I know you can rationalise it out; but I don’t believe in coincidences, the more they happen, the harder I find it to believe it’s all random. I’m not sure it’s someone physically listening and answering my pleas of help – I only ever get the answers when I’m really desperate – I do believe that if you put some kind of intent or asking out into the Universe, somehow it triggers just what you need. I don’t even feel like I need a deep explanation, I’m happy to go with it and be very grateful for the help!


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