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Blessing Blog 1. Virtual Party Friends. January 1, 2012

I decided that this year I would blog each day about one thing in my life I’m grateful for, a person, a place, an event, whatever I can think of on the day that I want to acknowledge and appreciate. Today I can think of about five different things straight away that I want to blog about; but I’m going to start with my friends, specifically the ten amazing people who took part in my virtual New Year’s Eve party last night. Some I knew before, others I met for the first time last night; but it didn’t matter how well we knew each other, because we all had a wonderful time.Virtual shopping in New York, choosing clothes and diamonds, then a party with cocktails, canapes and virtual fireworks!

It was better than I could ever have imagined and we had such a good time. In fact it was the best  NYE I’ve ever had. Normally an anti climax, yesterday was definitely not. We chatted via Facebook, listened to my radio show and I just felt so connected and supported, not alone, which is how I can often feel during events and holidays. I was joined by people from three different continents and that was awesome! Literally I was filled with awe. The power of technology at work.

The comment that people kept making was that they weren’t sure if they should join in at first, because they normally just ignore NYE; but how much they enjoyed it, which was so rewarding to hear. It’s definitely encouraged me to pursue the idea this year. It would be amazing to do them with more people; but it was a challenge to keep up with the conversation when there was ten of us, so not sure how I’d do it differently; but it’s something to think about.

I know Holidays From Home, my virtual holidays and parties aren’t for everyone, that’s something I came to terms with in 2011; but the people who get them are “my people”, “my tribe” so to speak and they are incredible, precious diamonds, that I can’t wait to get to know better in 2012 and hopefully meet even more of them. I know they’re out there, now my mission for 2012 is to connect with them, to share the joy of life and our determination to that adversity will not stop us having fun!


2 Responses to “Blessing Blog 1. Virtual Party Friends.”

  1. Caroline Bader Says:

    I was one of the ‘partygoers’ at the virtual BYE party. I can honestly say I had one of the best experience of my life. I knew some of the girls, but I fill my life has been enriched by the experience. I hope to be able to keep in touch via fb & other means all these wonderful girls. Plus of course the wonderful host Claire. Thank you Claire, thank you all.

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