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I See a Seal in the Sea! December 27, 2011

Today Mum and I were at a bit of a loss as to what to do during this weird week between Christmas and New Year. Not brave enough to go sales shopping and having had enough food for a while, I realised I fancied going to see the sea, so we went to a local beach so that we could sit and watch the waves. I always find it incredibly relaxing being able to just watch the water and hear the sound of all that power and energy, I come home feeling much calmer and happier.

It was a cold and grey day, so we had to wrap up well; but it was amazing how many people had the same idea. It was a bit of a magnet for dog walkers and young families; but we managed to park overlooking the beach and sat for a while.

We decided to venture onto the beach as the tide was in and it was lovely to get close to the water. I wanted to throw a few negative things away, launching stones into the water, symbolising a worry or a thing I feel like I’ve out grown this year. It felt very cathartic and spiritual, I felt really chilled afterwards.

The beach we were at, is known for the seal population which comes to shore with the babies about this time of year; but it’s much further down the coast, impossible for me to get to. I’d said to Mum how I’d love to do it one year when I’m better, another thing on my to do list. Anyway we were watching the water when we suddenly saw a big black seal head just a few metres away from us! It was amazing. We watched for a few minutes and saw five different seals all swimming past. It was fantastic, like an answer to a prayer. I couldn’t get to the seals; but they very kindly came to me!

It was a really lovely day and definitely lifted my mood during the quiet lull period.


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