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Music in the trees December 26, 2011

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My favourite place to hear live music is a great outdoor venue in Thetford Forest, Suffolk. I’ve been to a few gigs there during the summer and we take a picnic and listen to the music. It’s incredibly beautiful being surrounded by a ring of trees; but the sound carries well. As the sun sets you can watch the sky changing colour and then the stars come out and look so bright. The trees are lit up and it’s just breath-taking.

It’s hard work in my wheelchair, really rough and bumpy because of the tree roots, I’ve nearly been propelled out of it on several occasions in fact! I don’t like going on the disabled stand because it means Mum sitting behind me and I like being able to sit next to her while we eat our picnic – one of my favourite parts!

It’s not a cheap outing; but I try to go once a year. Thinking of it now takes me back to happy memories of long summer nights!


One Response to “Music in the trees”

  1. redjim99 Says:

    Music outdoors is wonderful, no doubt.


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