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Body Talk December 24, 2011

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Name something you’d like to learn more about.

faces, for ingy

Something I’d like to learn more about is body language and the art of reading faces, expressions and movements. It’s something that has always interested me; but seeing television shows like Lie To Me, The Mentalist and Derren Brown has increased my curiosity.

I’d like to think that I already do have some idea about it, I think I’m quite good at reading people, at least people I know well; but I would love to know more. In fact it’s been my fall back plan if I walked away from Holidays From Home, I’d be interested in doing some form of psychology / body language degree if such a thing exists. Not much of a plan, more an interest I’d like to pursue.

I think it’s fascinating that we say more with our body, than we do with our words and I’d love to understand it better.

On the downside you’d know if people were lying to you, holding back or were up to something, which could get very hard; but I think on some level we always know if that’s happening anyway, it just depends if we choose to acknowledge it.

I’d be interested to learn more about it, whether it’s through reading a book or one day doing a course.

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2 Responses to “Body Talk”

  1. I always think it’s wise to acknowledge our initial impression of a person. We don’t have to decide right away based on our ‘gut feeling’, but it is usually a true assessment. Before we think, our brain picks up on the subtle body language – in the same way a young child can. As we grow older our ‘social training’ to some extent overrides what we instinctively know.

    • Claire Says:

      You’re right. I normally do and then I start to think I’m misjudging someone, the ‘social training’ does kick in. Normally though my gut feeling proves to be right. I’m working hard to trust it and believe in my own instincts. Thanks for stopping by!

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