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Family in Small Doses! December 22, 2011

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What are your favorite types of family gatherings?

My favourite types of family gatherings are short ones! I love my family very much, they are all very special people; but I find it’s best to see them for short periods of time – normally a few hours is just about right. If they are staying with us, then the first twenty-four hours are fine; but then things seem to gradually decline. I’m not sure why and it seems to happen with all of our relatives. People seem to get tired and a bit fractious and niggles start to get to you. We’re not the type of family who argues, more the go-away-and-stew type, which isn’t healthy; but it’s hard to break generations of emotional suppression!

My ME means I find it very tiring having people around, so short visits are best for that too. I’m more energetic and able to enjoy the company more, which after all is the whole point of seeing family.

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2 Responses to “Family in Small Doses!”

  1. unspecified Says:

    I’m 34 years old and my feelings concerning family are possibly similar to yours, but not entirely.
    Overall I cope fairly well with family when sampling them in small doses, but anything more than 24 hours becomes testing.

    I care about my parents and brothers and fascinatingly we exhibit various similarities, but some of these similarities are amusing and some particularly frustrating.
    When I talk about similarities, I’m focussing on mannerisms and gestures, but one thing that makes me very different from the rest of my family is philosophical viewpoint.

    As a person, I’m particularly deep and truth-seeking when compared with the rest of my family.
    I also have an unconventional, but widespread area of interest which family are generally less fascinated, but may take some minor interest.

    Overall my view of family is dreary, uninspiring and rarely empowering me.

    As one ages, I discovered the importance of being around people who facilitate my growth as a human and sadly family fail at this all the time.

    Like I say, family is ok in small amounts and then I need to get the hell away from them before my anxiety increases and makes me below par.

    • Claire Says:

      I understand the feeling of not being understood. My family is good on the whole, they nod and smile, say mos of the right things; but they don’t always “get it”. I guess that’s why we have friends. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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