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The worst shortest day! December 21, 2011

I am so glad that today has been the shortest day and that it will soon be over. It has been one of those days since I got up and everything seems to be going wrong. I told myself that was nonsense when the first few things went wrong; but it didn’t make any difference. In order of hassle (which I know isn’t that major; but felt a lot today).

  1. I woke up to an email from PayPal saying that 123.reg had taken money which I have no idea what for.
  2. Then my computer crashed as I was trying to find the email.
  3. I sold a chocolate holiday – which is fantastic; but it’s the one holiday that takes lots of getting together and I had a long to do list already.
  4. I was recording the audio for my virtual shopping trip and somehow duplicated several sections during editing which took an age to sort out. Did I mention the long to do list?
  5. I only got a fraction of the things I wanted to done.
  6. I scraped my arm on the door.
  7. I dropped hot pasta on my foot – don’t ask!
  8. Then Mum poured water over me. Accidentally I hasten to add!

I am so pleased there’s just half an hour left and I hope the winter solstice(at 5.30 am tomorrow morning)  and coming daylight will bring some good luck my way!


3 Responses to “The worst shortest day!”

  1. aawwa Says:

    I hope you get a good sleep and a much better day tomorrow!

    Good wishes

    Lorraine 🙂

  2. redjim99 Says:

    When it’s going wrong, nothing will stop it.


  3. Claire Says:

    Jim you’re right, sometimes you just have to accept it and hope the day ends soon!

    Lorraine – typically I had insomnia until 3am; but things started to improve slightly after midnight – superstitous, me?!

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