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Possible New Year’s Resolutions. December 20, 2011

Topic #340:  What are some possible new years resolutions for you?

I have been thinking about my New Year’s resolutions, I like to make them because of the focus they give me, at least during the first few grey months of the year, in the lull after Christmas. Here are my potentials:-

  1. Green juice – everyone seems to be extolling the virtues of a juice which looks more like swamp water, than a delicious drink. They assure me that not only is it delicious; but addictive to. I don’t fancy jumping straight in with a mixture of kale, broccoli and seaweed, so my friend Grace said I can gradually move from apple juice once a week and then add in a little bit of celery or something equally green and nutritious. That sounds more manageable and if it really does give you all the energy they say it does I think it’s worth a shot. My resolution is to get out the juicer and have one glass of green juice a week for 2012.
  2. Daily blogging – it was my resolution for last year and I want it to continue next year. I’ve been struggling with recent topics a little bit, so I’ve decided to do a Blessing Blog, everyday I am going to write about one good thing that’s happened or is part of my life. I like the idea of focusing on the positives and having a year-long diary of that to look back on. I’ll still have the opportunity to write about other things; but if postaday ends then I’ll still have some structure. My resolution is to blog a daily blessing every day for 2012.
  3. Sort out the rest of my magazines – part two of this year’s resolution, so that I clear the back log and have more space! My resolution is to read and get rid of all the magazines I have stored up.
  4. Finish my patchwork quilt – This one keeps going on my list and this year I actually started a new quilt instead of finishing the old one. I will finish the new one this coming year, because it’s easier and I really want it for my bedroom. My resolution is to have my new quilt on my bed by next Christmas.
  5. Complete a novel – NaNoWriMo set me on the course of writing; but I want to do my re-write and edit, to have my first novel completed by the end of the year. My resolution is to finish my novel and get some people to read it.

I’m going to keep thinking, I’m sure there are more I’ll want to add!


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