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Meditate in a moment December 12, 2011

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I was struggling to find a topic to blog about today, until I spotted this video that a friend had shared on Facebook. I watched it out of interest; but found it was really good. It explains meditation well and there’s a short one to do while you watch. It’s left me feeling really tranquil and calm, something I hadn’t been feeling this evening after working hard to put together some recipes for cocktails and canapes for the virtual New Year’s Eve I’m organising. I thought I would share the video here.

I first got into mediation when I did Transcendental Meditation with my family. I enjoyed the experience; but found it hard to focus on when my ME got worse. I now prefer doing visualisations, often guided ones using a CD. I love the amazing messages you can get from meditating and how good I feel after. I feel nice and chilled now!


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