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Blog on the fly, or drive! Part 2 – Techonology Fail! December 10, 2011

Well my attempt at blogging on the move was a disaster. The site froze, I couldn’t correct, so I tried to post a short post; but I think I should have just abandoned it. Here’s the rest of the post….

I went to see Jason Manford who was brilliant! Really, really funny in the old-fashioned, inoffensive, clean humour that has you in stitches. Pretty impressive since the gig was in a cold and drafty barn, as Jason said, not doing much to remove the stereotype of farmers in Norfolk! Mum and I sat in think coats and gloves, trying to keep warm.

We were the only people in the disabled section and were rather excited when Jason Manford actually came and sat behind us to watch the first half of the gig. He smelt really good! We kept hearing him laugh and I kept thinking “Wow, Jason Manford thought that was funny!” It was a bit distracting at times.

They also had a group called Ollé on who were hilarious and Milton Jones who had some of the best one liners. It was one of those gigs where you ached with laughter; but didn’t want it to stop.


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