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Day 21 – NaNoWriMo. The first and last 2,000 words are the hardest. November 21, 2011

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I’ve been sitting in front of my computer trying to finish the 50,000 words on my first novel I was working on this month and I felt completely blocked. I have the same feeling as I did at the start of the month, a feeling of being a horrible, horrible writer and why on Earth am I doing this. It’s taken me a bit by surprise.

I’ve still got 1,000 words to go and while I think I’ve roughly completed the first draft ending, I know there are places I can go back to, to add sections that I’ve skipped, so meeting the 50,000 word count isn’t impossible, it is just hard to do. I left the sections because I was blocked so I’m not wanting to race back to them. I’d actually much rather skip to the other story I’m working on because that’s still fun to write. I feel a bit like a kid who doesn’t want to do their homework – see I’m procrastinating by writing this blog post!

I will be good though and return to my writing because I know it will be amazing once I have reached the 50,000 word mark for novel one.

Deep breath. Here I go!


5 Responses to “Day 21 – NaNoWriMo. The first and last 2,000 words are the hardest.”

  1. Summer Grant Says:

    Ah, I really wanted to take part in this, but I had uni deadlines this month and thought it would become really stressful. I have to say I think it’s amazing that you’re doing it, you must have alot of drive and dedication to turn around 50,000 words in a month. I hope you find the last 1,000 wors easier the more you get into them, good luck 🙂

    • Claire Says:

      Thank you! It sounded like fun and a definite challenge. I’d really recommend it; but you do need to have a quiet month to really commit and enjoy it. You were right, the last 1,000 were much easier and it felt amazing once I reached my 50,000 goal!

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  3. redjim99 Says:

    Hi Claire,

    Looks like you got the hang of this writing lark, hope it is still good.

    I’m doing some chain blogging here. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Someone is getting traffic from it. Maybe you will too.

    My post: http://wp.me/p1dCz0-7j


    • Claire Says:

      I can only hope! As with everything there are good and bad days -good and bad hours in fact!

      Thank you so much for the nomination, what a lovely idea. I hadn’t heard of the Liebster Award before; but I’ve just been doing some research and it’s a great concept. I will be passing on the nominations for some other blogs I follow too. Thank you.

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