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Totally Chicken November 20, 2011

Filed under: Life,Post a Day 2011 — Claire @ 10:12 pm

The Sixth Sense

I don’t have a favourite scary movie because I hate them, with a passion! I tried watching Scream once, admittedly I was on my own in the dark; but I got about 10 minutes in and chickened out. I did see bits of it years later; but I accepted that horror films are just not my thing. I did watch Sixth Sense, closing my eyes for the gross bits; I enjoyed it and didn’t see the twist coming at all.

I used to watch the Lord of the Rings cartoon lots when I was little and really enjoyed it. Watching it back now I can’t believe how scary it is, I guess that’s the thing about being a child, you don’t see the same things as scary. I do remember one cartoon film I watched when I was a child, it was about this person who took children away who were awake at midnight, it terrified me and remember freaking out when I had insomnia and couldn’t sleep. I’ve never liked scary movies and will stick to my rom-coms, thank you very much!

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