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Day 18 – NaNoWriMo. A habit more than a challenge. November 18, 2011

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I’ve just hit 65,000 words and in truth the whole writing process has now become a daily habit rather than the month-long challenge I set myself. From the minute I get up in the morning until the moment I go to bed all I want to do is write. I wonder if this is how artists feel when they become so engrossed in their work, it’s almost an obsession.

I think it appeals to my control freak tendencies because I enjoy being master of my own domain and being able to write and rewrite bits, although with the current story I’m working on almost all of it is exactly the way I imagined it eight or nine years ago. I have come up with a few ideas that I didn’t have before, mainly linking up sections. I’ve found that I focus on the beginning and the end, with a  few key moments in between; but it’s the parts that join it all up that I skip over when I imagine it. I guess they seem a bit dull and mundane, so I’m trying to work on getting better at that.

I do find that there are certain words of phrases which keep repeating so I’m experimenting with alternatives to keep it fresh and non repetitive. I’m not really expanding my vocabulary greatly; but there’s time!


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