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Day 13 – NaNoWriMo. Over 80% done! November 13, 2011

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Hurray! Word count tonight is 42,538, which means I’m nearly there which is totally and utterly amazing, especially as it’s only the end of week two. When I started I was so worried that I wouldn’t get it finished. I’d worked out my needed word count each day 1,667 and thought I might just scrape through; but I’m so pleased that it’s flowed. I know I couldn’t keep this rate up permanently; but for this month and for the start of wanting to write more, it’s been fantastic.

I feel a bit written out know, sorry not got much to say. I think I might treat myself and have a break for the rest of this evening. I hope you’ve had a good weekend.


2 Responses to “Day 13 – NaNoWriMo. Over 80% done!”

  1. Kaitlin Says:

    Wow! Way to go! I’m at 35k today, and I was thinking that I was doing well!

    • Claire Says:

      You’re doing brilliantly! Ahead of most people I know who are doing it! I’ve just been completely addicted to writing and haven’t wanted to do much else! What are you writing about?

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