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Having the Last Word! November 5, 2011

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Topic 284: Would you rather have the first word, or the last in an argument? Some people prefer to speak first, others insist they have the advantage only if they get in the last word. Where do you stand?

I’m a “Last Word” kind of gal, I have a very bad habit of always wanting to be right, even when I’m wrong. In fact it annoys my brother a lot because I will move the debate if I’m not winning, altering what we’re discussing just slightly so that I’m winning. It’s subtle and he doesn’t normally realise until half way through. It’s kind of funny and much more fun than feeling like I’m losing – something else I hate.

I hate confrontation and arguments and do what I can to avoid them, so normally I wouldn’t have the first word; but if somebody picks a fight with me then I wouldn’t back away from it, I will say what I feel and I will argue to win, competitiveness – another bad habit.

So there you go my three worst character traits all in one post! I am trying to be better at all these things and I think I’m not as bad as I used to be. Having grown up a bit, I now happily admit I don’t know everything and I’m even more willing to learn from people who do know more, in fact I love learning and relish the chance to grow. It has to be done in a positive way though, if someone talks down to me or treats me like an idiot, it puts my back up and I want to argue all the more, even if I know I’m not right. Here’s the warning – I won’t go looking for an argument; but if one gets brought to me I will try to have the last word. So there!


2 Responses to “Having the Last Word!”

  1. aawwa Says:

    I wouldn’t call them bad habits – they are survival strategies 🙂

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