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The excitement of a new challenge! October 31, 2011

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Right now I’m feeling a mix of excitement, anticipation and down right anxiety as the final hour before NaNoWriMo counts down. I’m wondering why I agreed to do it, wondering what I’ve got myself into and if I’m going to be up to the challenge. At the same time I’m so excited about the idea and I can feel my creativity flowing, details for the story keep coming into my mind and I’m eager to get them down on to paper.

I love that fizzy buzz of anticipation that comes with a new project – I did one of the Strengths Tests recently and my top five were:-


NaNoWriMo ticks all five of these, at least to start off with, I just hope that I can keep up the momentum and not get lost in the details, something I tend to do, I prefer coming up with an idea and then moving on to something new once it gets a bit dull. I’m working on improving this and my determination does kick in; but I don’t like losing the fun element when life becomes a chore.

I wanted to keep a record of my feelings before I started, so that I would have something to look back on and remind myself why I signed up. My promise to myself – I will do this, I will achieve my dream of writing a novel and I’ll have fun doing it!


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