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Counting down to NaNoWriMo November October 29, 2011

Today I went to a launch event for NaNoWriMo at the library and it was so much fun! I didn’t really know what to expect and I was a bit nervous that everybody would be very high-brow and literary and I would feel completely out-of-place. I was relieved to enter the room to see a range of happy, smiling people, who all looked really normal and welcoming.

I was amazed to hear how many people had been doing it for years, when this is the first time I’d ever heard of the event. Not only had they competed; but most had won on a regular basis, reaching the 50,000 word target. I sat next to Vicky who is a prolific writer and manages word counts reaching six figures – her target is 200,000 word this year! That’s incredible! A lot of people had brought along the printed copies of their books which looked so professional, I would absolutely love to produce something like that.

We had some cool exercises to do to work on our plot and character studies, writing out a short summary and then getting everyone on our table to write plot twists. It brought up lots of ideas that I hadn’t thought about, definitely adding to my plans.

Now I’m eager to get started, I’m practically counting down the hours! They said that people often stay up on Halloween to make a start and I think I might have to join them. I’m looking forward to the weekly write-ins, I think it will make the whole challenge into a real event and it will be lovely to share it with other people.


4 Responses to “Counting down to NaNoWriMo November”

  1. aawwa Says:

    It sounds like a great challenge! Good on you for being up for it!

    Lorraine 🙂

  2. redjim99 Says:

    Good luck with this and I look forward to seeing how it goes and to read your story, will you be posting sections?


    • Claire Says:

      I’m not sure if I’m brave enough! I might do small sections. I’ll probably wait until December when I intend to start editing. Part of the workshop during the launch was to put your inner editor into a box, so that you don’t over think things and get caught up in trying to be perfect first time. I think that will be good for me, as that’s one of the biggest barriers to starting.

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