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Electricity v the Internet October 6, 2011

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Topic #270: With the passing of Steve Jobs yesterday, the web is filled with remembrances of a pioneer and industry legend. It’s a sad day indeed. But it’s also a good day to look back and consider the history of innovation. And how all the inventions and creations of the last 100 years have impacted us. As a specific topic to write about: How would you compare the importance of electricity with the invention of the internet? or the cell phone? Can this kind of comparison be made? If you had to lose one of these inventions, which would you keep? And why?

I think this topic might be a bit nul and void, since without electricity you couldn’t use the internet. Therefore the obvious answer is that electricity is far more important than the internet. I could live without the internet, I have done for the majority of my life and didn’t suffer for it; but I do love how much easier life is with it.

I would definitely want electricity though, it’s an essential part of my life, from keeping food refrigerated and cooking it, controlling my heating system and lighting my house, during these horrible dark nights. I don’t know how I’d cope if life had to stop once it got dark and then start as soon as it got light, just to make the most of the daylight hours. I do not function well before about 9 am and only see the earlier hours if my ME insomnia is playing up.

I also love my TV, as in love, love it! Music too. Living without those two would be awful, I would still be able to read; but the escapism I get from watching dramas is hugely important to me and the way I cope when things are tough, other people’s problems are so much more interesting than my own! Plus I know they’ll have happy endings and I can turn them off when I’ve had enough.

Without electricity, there would be no more trips to the cinema, concerts or any more meals out, unless they’re cooked on a BBQ or open fire! Life just wouldn’t be the same, so I choose electricity over the internet.

I know when we have power cuts it starts as a bit of an adventure, like camping inside; but it doesn’t take long for the novelty to wear off and I want to go back to normality again. Please let me never be without electricity.


2 Responses to “Electricity v the Internet”

  1. Randall Says:

    And autos. No going nowhere without one. (Is that a double negative?)

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