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BBQ in October? Who says there’s no global warming! October 2, 2011

I’m sitting writing this at 10.15 pm on the second of October, wearing a purple butterfly vest top and pair of shorts! I’ve never worn summer clothes later than September and in fact, I never even got a chance to wear them this summer, it’s been long sleeves and jumpers all the way. It feels really surreal.

More amazing still was that I sat in the garden this morning and read my book and then we had a BBQ for tea – the first we’ve managed this year! It’s totally insane! It was really lovely, the weather was so warm, even at 7 pm, when the dark and insects forced us to retreat inside. There really is nothing like cooking food outside over hot coals, the smell and taste is amazing, burgers are just so much better on the BBQ.

The only downside has been that I thought we’d escaped the mosquitoes this year; but I found one last night and more tonight. I hate them with a passion, especially when you can hear them; but not see them. When you know there’s one around you start to get all twitchy, convinced you keep feeling them land on you, every itch or pin prick on your skin feels like a bite, even when it’s just your imagination on overdrive…. Sorry just had to stop as I spotted another big one! Mum gets a really bad reaction to their bites, her legs really swell up, so I always try to get them before they get her.

I really hope this weather continues; but even if it doesn’t I feel really lucky to have had a mini summer, as I was definitely feeling deprived. My vitamin D has been topped up and while it won’t last me the winter, it will definitely have helped.


2 Responses to “BBQ in October? Who says there’s no global warming!”

  1. redjim99 Says:

    The apple tree in our garden, has just flowered for a second time. But the first crop of apples have been stunted because of a lack of water. We live in the middle of France, and the weather here is as bizarre as everywhere else.


    • Claire Says:

      I saw an article in the paper yesterday which said that spring flowers are blooming again. It’s interesting that the weather is weird all over Europe.

      Do you think you’ll get a second crop of apples? Are they eating or cooking apples?

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