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Queen of delayed gratification September 25, 2011

I saw this post by one of my favourite authors and thought it was brilliant motivation for anyone that feels like they’re still a long way from achieving all they want; but are still determined.

Queen of delayed gratification
By Kim Harrison

QDG. Yep, that’s me. Delayed gratification has gotten me through the years of working for nothing when I was writing prepublication. It got me through the first lean years after publication when I’d make enough for a new computer or printer, and that was fine with me. Delayed gratification now sits in my pocket like a secret and grins as I work on something that I know you will not see for two to three years, keeping me moving forward with nothing but my own determination as a goad. I’ve kind of gotten to enjoy delayed gratification, found ways to make it work for me, and I in turn, work for it for long hours at a time, for a thought, and idea. It’s become to be how I roll. -laugh-



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