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It’s oh so quiet…. September 14, 2011

Topic #250: When you need quiet time, where do you go?

When I need peace and quiet I always go to my bedroom, in some ways it feels like retreating and going back to when I was bed bound, because generally I need quiet when I’m feeling tired and need to have a rest. I love my room, it’s large, light and airy – I prefer it when it’s tidy, something I’m not great at keeping it; but I do try! My old room used to be full of mobiles and hanging crystals, ornaments and pictures on the wall; but I’ve tried to keep my new room a bit more minimalist. There’s still lots of sparkly things! It’s the place I go to retreat from the world, rest and meditate. It’s also the place I feel most creative and where I do my best thinking or writing for my virtual holidays.

It’s ironic really, when I was younger I was never one of these kids who would spend hours in their room, I used to enjoy being downstairs with everybody, part of everything that was going on. Then I got really ill and ended up in my room constantly with no hope of coming down and joining in with everyone.

One of the huge disadvantages of ME is sensory sensitivity, I suffered with light, sound, smell and touch. I used to be in a darkened room 24/7 and still need dark glass or an eye mask; but the hardest part was being sensitive to sound. Summer was torture when people had their lawn mowers out – I would feel physically sick with the noise and there was no way to make it stop. On the upside I could also hear conversations going on all over the house and still can – it earned me the unflattering nickname of Bat Wings;  but I can hear what people are saying, even if they are talking really quietly. It’s a blessing and  curse though, because the saying “Eavesdroppers hear no good” is absolutely true and I’ve definitely heard things I wish I hadn’t! At the same time you can hear some very interesting things too! 😉

I’ve found that peace is hard to come by; but there are times when you desperately need it. I like this time of night, when the world goes quiet and still, I find it’s the perfect time to write, relax, watch TV and just wind down from the day. I’ve always been a night owl; but I like this peaceful time best of all.


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