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I want to be a workafrolic! September 8, 2011

Topic #244:

Go visit any blog using our tags (postaday / postaweek) , leave a comment, and then post about it on your own blog. Make sure to link to the blog you left your comment on, so visitors to your blog can follow the conversation if they wish.


I randomly chose this post as it looked interesting. http://rachaeleliz94.wordpress.com/2011/09/08/a-successful-life/ Rachael talks about a video she was shown during a lecture and it’s all about success and how to get there. She summarised it here:-

The key to success = PASSION, LOVE not money, WORK, get GOOD, FOCUS, PUSH yourself through shyness and self-doubt, SERVE others something of value, develop your own IDEAS (listen, observe, be curious, ask questions, problem solve, make connections).

PERSIST through crap. Which of course stands for criticism, rejection, assholes and pressure.” Too right!

I loved the quotes it had by famous people like Goldie Hawn who has lots of self-doubts, which I find amazing because she’s so cool, successful and I imagined confident. It’s reassuring to know we all feel insecure; but you just have to push through it. I love the term workafrolic – that’s what I want to be, actually I think I might already be as I love the things I do for Holidays From Home. I lost that love for a while; but I’ve found it again and I’m determined to keep it!

My comment:-

Hi Rachael,

Great post – I’m doing the postaday topic, I spotted yours and thought it looked interesting. I love the video – thanks for sharing.

I love your definition of success, you’re right, if you’re where you want to be and you’re happy then you’re a success. I know that I’m not there yet; but I hope I’ll realise it when I do get there.

Good luck in finding your success.



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