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Top of the Pops September 5, 2011

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Topic #239:

Write a top ten list of your favorite songs.

I like most main stream music; but my favourites are normally songs you don’t hear on the radio and are featured on TV shows as backing tracks. This list is in order that they come into my head. Have a listen, they always cheer me up if I’m feeling down, stressed or make me even happier on a good day!

  1. Mary Can You Come Outside – Kane
  2. Fear Remix – Sarah McLachlan
  3. Calling On Angels – Jane Siberry
  4. I Promise You – Judith Owen
  5. Nothing I Would Change – Janice Robinson
  6. Defying Gravity – Wicked
  7. Home – Michael Buble
  8. Running Up That Hill – Placebo
  9. Fight the Sky – Gavin Mikhail
  10. When the Stars Go Blue  – Bethany Joy Lenz & Tyler Hilton

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