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20 People I Love – Number 2 Brotherly Love September 5, 2011

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I guess the second person on my list would be my brother Simon. He winds me up, frustrates me and I would happily smack him sometimes; but then he’s my little brother and I think that’s natural. We don’t spend as much time together now as we used to, which I find sad, because we used to go to the cinema and concerts a lot; but Mum’s stepped into that role.

We recently spent a couple of days together at my Grandma’s (more about that tomorrow) and it was lovely, picking up where we left off. Nobody can push my buttons and wind me up like Simon and vice versa. We tease each other, are sarcastic and generally take the piss; but we do love each other.

We got closer when I was ill and couldn’t go out, he was the closest I got to spending time with anyone my age. When I was really poorly he used to record the audio from my favourite shows – Buffy, Angel and Charmed onto mini-disk so I could listen to them in small sections when I was too ill to watch TV. I will always be incredibly grateful to him for this. It helped me to cope when I could do very little else.

I think it’s definitely affected Simon growing up with a sister, I think he’s used to female conversation and it’s put him in good stead for working with lots of women (he’s the only guy there!). I know I tease him mercilessly; but I know he loves it and me!


2 Responses to “20 People I Love – Number 2 Brotherly Love”

  1. aawwa Says:

    Lovely story about your brother šŸ™‚


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