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Beware the Green Eyed Monster September 3, 2011

Why do we compare ourselves to others? Why do we rate our success according to how other people do, what they achieve  or how we feel the perceive us? I know I’m guilty of it, feeling like the things I’ve achieved don’t count as much as what other people are doing. I let my own achievements be overshadowed, because I don’t appreciate them. That’s really sad and it means you don’t truly appreciate the great things when they happen. I just keep setting the bar higher and moving on to the next thing, because in my head I need to reach the heights of achievement I see around me. It’s stupid, tragic and incredibly exhausting trying to keep up with what I think I should be doing, as opposed to just living and enjoying life.

I’ve realised how sad it is and how it’s impossible to compare your life and the things that you have done to anyone else, because we’re all individuals, we all do our own thing. No two people, even identical twins, are exactly the same. We are shaped by our experiences, the highs and lows we have gone through make us who we are. You can see one person doing well; but you don’t know what else is going on in their life. It’s easy to be jealous; but you don’t know what they are living with or what areas in life you’re actually doing  better in. Someone might have a great job; but a terrible home life. Someone else might seem to have the best relationship; but they’re really unhappy. The truth is you never can tell and you’re comparing yourself to something that doesn’t really exist, except in your imagination, it’s only what you think things are like.

They say “The grass is always greener on the other side”; but I like the extra part that says “it’s just as difficult to cut”.

From now on when I look at others I’m going to see them as individuals, with their own identities, not mirrors for reflecting back how well I’m doing, or not, as the case may be. The only person I need to be aware of is myself and how I’m feeling. If I feel like I’m doing well, then that’s what counts.


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