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Heightened senses when thoughts fade away. August 23, 2011

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Topic #228:

Try to think about nothing, for as long as you can. What happens? Describe it in a short post.

I was going to get frustrated and avoid today’s topic because it was a repeat – grrrr! Instead I decided to have another go at it.

As I sat with my eyes closed, trying to still my thoughts and clear my mind, it’s as if all my other senses suddenly became really sharp. I could hear the sound of two clocks, one up and to my left, the other across the room on my right. They were ticking in counter point to each other. Then the sound of the fan on my laptop broke in and further away the noise of the fridge humming very quietly. It was as if once my brain registered one sound, it then tuned in to the next, going to further and quieter sounds.

Then I was aware of the cold air on my skin, the cool damp breeze in my nose and the rise and fall of my chest.

In short I couldn’t stop thinking; but I could become more aware of the world around me as my thoughts focused on what I could sense, as opposed to the busy stream of chatter which normally goes through my head. It was nice; but it didn’t take more than about twenty seconds (if that!) for me to want to ger get back to my writing!


2 Responses to “Heightened senses when thoughts fade away.”

  1. I did not like this one I thought it was stupid. But like you I had a go. It is impossible to think of nothing because nothing is what you are thinking of.

    when you ask someone what they are thinking and they reply ‘nothing’ it usually means that they do not want to tell you BUT they were thinking of something but not nothing… I think I shall stop there as I am confusing myself!

  2. Claire Says:

    I know what you mean!

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