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If the Big Bang was a Reality TV show. August 18, 2011

Topic #223:

If you were God, how would you have started it all? Do you think you could do something more interesting than the big bang? Or would you leave everything just as it is?

I think the Big Bang was a pretty cool way to start the Universe; but I think God overlooked the whole Reality TV element. As shows like Big Brother and X-Factor have proven, he could have made a fortune by installing cameras and broadcasting the footage live! Simon Cowel would have!

The initial bang would be the explosive fireworks and flashy music sequence at the start of the show.  Then the first two elements or housemates going into the show would be hydrogen and helium. They would gradually be joined by at least 92 others, all playing their parts and helping to create the drama.

As with all good reality TV shows, every episode would have been full of volatile explosions, clashes and collisions. You’d be constantly watching situations boil up and explode! Then there would be episodes of absolute cold, with icy moments and frosty silences. Of course it can’t all be action, there would be long periods of time when nothing happened at all, until God intervened and threw in some challenges, like the creation of life and the exciting rollercoaster of drama and disaster that has brought about. Will humans destroy their own planet, poison the very source of food which sustains them? Will they kill each other before that happens? Will they find out if there are other conscious beings in the Universe before it’s too late? Or will there be a huge asteroid hurtling towards them on a collision course with Earth. Tune in same time tomorrow night to find out…

There would have been a rush on advertising, I can see Mars, Galaxy and Universal would all be lining up for sponsorship. Then don’t forget the merchandising, Big Bang DVDs, T-shirts and the soundtrack, a cool remix by Paul Oakenfold sampling Holst’s The Planets, available to download and as a ring tone.

God could have given all the profits to 3rd world countries or maybe held it back to solve the debt crisis. He’d have got great PR for it all and a definite rise in public profile and opinion. I really think God missed out on a good thing there!


4 Responses to “If the Big Bang was a Reality TV show.”

  1. misswhiplash Says:

    What a brilliant idea! I passed on that one as I could not think of anything constructive to add…but your idea was fantastic.

    I reckon that God regrets that now..all the publicity He would have had. It would have saved having the 12 disciples.

    Everybody would want to get on the bandwaggon so everyone would be a Christian..what a brilliant thought!

  2. Claire Says:

    Thank you! I was going to pass too as I couldn’t think what to write and then I suddenly got inspiration! I’m pleased you liked it – it was a bit of a departure from what I normally write, so it took a bit of confidence to post it; but I’m really glad I did!

  3. Joanne Says:

    Good job. I went all philosophical with it; it was nice to read a humorous take.

    • Claire Says:

      Thank you – when I first saw the topic I thought it would be a deep one and I really didn’t know how to answer it. I’d just seen the first episode of Big Brother and suddenly thought aha I can do something with this! I’m going to go check yours out now.

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