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What does love mean to you? August 5, 2011

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Topic #210:

What does love mean to you? We talk about love all the time, but rarely do we sit down and think about what it is, and how our behavior helps us get more or less of the kind of love we desire.

How does platonic love differ from romantic love? How does the love we get from a parent differ from the love we get from a friend? Or a dog? Is love a feeling or a set of behaviors?

Love to me is being with someone and being able to be completely yourself. It comprises trust and faith, honesty and openness. I think that’s the same be it with a relation, friend or partner.

I think you feel love when you’re with people; but I think the strength of that love really shows when the person isn’t around. It’s how much you miss the person, how often you think of them and how many times you turn to share an experience with them and then realise that that person isn’t there and feel disappointed.

I’ve never been in romantic love and I think that often all other forms of love are over looked, as if they don’t count as much somehow. Maybe that’s got a lot to do with literature and films, where the ultimate goal in life is to find the love of your life, your soul mate. Or perhaps it’s a biological compulsion, a survival instinct, to encourage us to find a mate; but that we interpret the hormone rush as a life goal.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to meet the right person and fall in love; but it’s not my sole purpose in life. I value the love I have from friends and most importantly from my family. They’re the people who give my life value, the people I can share everything from the trivial to the life changing moments and know that they want the good things for me, that I wish for them and myself. They give events meaning, just by being there or by hearing about them after. Without them life feels empty.

Love is everything and without it, in whatever form, life means nothing.


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