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Make an argument for why weekends should be longer August 3, 2011

Topic #208:

Make an argument for why weekends should be longer.

Different cultures expect a different amount of working hours from working people. Make a serious argument for why either you, or your entire society, should have more time away from work.

I like the idea of a three-day weekend because you’re only just starting to relax by Saturday evening / Sunday morning; but after lunch part of you is already starting to plan what you need to do or prepare for the next day. If you had three days, you could have one complete day of relaxation, plus you could skip Mondays – bonus!

I enjoyed the four-day weekends we had this year with the royal wedding and bank holidays. It was great to be able to just chill out completely.

I was watching something today that said people in Britain work five hours a week which they aren’t paid for, which adds up to an extra 33 days a year! That’s over a month of unpaid work which most people are doing without realising, I find that quite shocking.

I also like the idea of  a siesta during the day. Due to my ME I have to sleep for 2 – 3 hours a day, during the afternoon, so I think it would be great if everyone did it and I didn’t feel so unusual. I find it really helps me cope, it means I have energy to do things during the evening, otherwise I’d be really ill.

I’ve been doing some work with a group of business women and I’m realising that our goal should be to work smarter, not harder or longer. That if we focus our minds and our time, for whatever we’re doing, then we can achieve so much more in the time we have. That’s certainly my aim, since the  amount of time and energy I have is so limited, I definitely want and need to make the most of it. I’m not good a switching off, thoughts and ideas are constantly going through my mind and so an extra day at the weekend would give me a better chance to do this. I think it’s a great idea.


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