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What’s a food you’ve always wanted to try? July 31, 2011

Topic #205:

What’s a food you’ve always wanted to try? But have chickened out on trying? (lol, chickened.)

Hmm… I’m not sure there is anything that I’ve wanted to try and chickened out of, because generally if I want to try something, then I do and find out if I like or not. I prefer to find things out for myself, so that I know one way or the other.  My Mum’s really adventurous at trying new things; but in a quiet way, you wouldn’t really think it unless you know her really well, so I get that adventurous spirit from her.

I guess I’d like to try really good sushi, I’ve had some from a supermarket and I liked the vegetarian ones; but I don’t really like fishy tasting fish, so I wasn’t too keen on the fish ones. I am eating more fish now, my favourite being Monk fish – typical to my expensive tastes! I think I’d like to try sushi in a really good restaurant. We did just try fresh tuna, which was something I’ve been chickening out on trying. I kind of liked my piece which did taste more like meat; but Mum’s was thicker and was much more reminiscent of the taste of tinned tuna – which I hate. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined, in fact it was edible; but not something I’d like to eat again.

I’m intrigued by oysters; but I don’t think I’d ever eat one, the texture and the whole swallowing in one just looks revolting.

I would like to try a deep-fried mars bar – not chickening out, just waiting to go to Scotland to try it. Completely unhealthy; but a once in a life time treat, it sounds yummy!


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