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We don’t grow up, we just get older. July 27, 2011

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I’ve been to a few gigs in my life, everything from tiny shows at the Waterfront to massive shows at Wembley and I love them all. Myfavourite though are the ones at the local Uni because they’re intimate and if you pay attention to the up and coming acts you get to see some of the best groups and artistes just before they make it big and at a fraction of the price.
I’m used to being one of the oldest at the gigs, surrounded by teenagers; but today Mum and I have come to see James Morrison. I was a bit surprised to turn up and instead of seeing the usual crowd of giggling, screaming teenagers there was lots of 30+ fans.
Expecting a rather more mature audience I couldn’t believe that they all rushed in tryong to get to the front, just the way the teenagers do, acommapnied by the same squeals of delight; but with slightly more arthritic movements down the steps. Then there are the ones that move from place to place trying to get the best views and the rookies who stand oin the steps byat the entrances to the mosh pit – not that I expect much moshing tonight – but who knows?!
Converation is normaly who’s getting off with who, how trashed they got at the weekend and what so and so was doing on Facebook. This crowd is more interested in complaining about the dry ice / smokey atmosphere and how to work their cameras.
In some ways we get older and grow up; but at heart maybe we’re always the gawky, excited teenager.


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