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Are you happy or sad the Space Shuttle has been retired? July 9, 2011

Topic #183:

Are you happy or sad the Space Shuttle has been retired? What do you think the next goal for humans in space should be, and what do you think Russia and China, the new leaders, will do next? Is it important enough to get funding before other needs?

See: What’s next for U.S. Space Program?

I think this is incredibly sad as I love space and astronomy (not that I know that much about it); but I have always dreamed of seeing a shuttle launch in person and now I guess I never will.

I suppose there are so many other things that need the money invested in it; but as commented in a previous post there are so many advances which have come about because of the space race. Humans need to develop a green form of energy and there are so many advances that need to be found in the health sector, that it doesn’t seem important to worry about what’s going on out in space, light-years away; but who knows what discoveries we’re going to miss out on. I wonder if this means there will be less space based films and tv shows now, or whether the fact that it seems almost further away will make it that much more alluring.

I think the next goal for space should be to see how far we can physically get, in our quest to find planets like Earth, that could sustain life. If like in the previously mentioned films etc one day the sun burns out or we get struck by a giant meteor, then we might need a place to go!

I imagine that maybe the space dream will continue in the private sector with things like Richard Branson’s/Virgin’s private shuttles – which I would love to go on, well maybe after it’s flown a few hundred times, oh yeah and I’ve won the lottery too!


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